KRS                                                                          James Cline

The Windows of Heaven Book Series


by author K.G. Powderly Jr.


The novel series by KG Powderly Jr. is a retelling of the ancient global flood apocalypse for the the 21st century in the medium of a world-creating science fiction epic. (The genre is most similar to novel series' like Frank Herbert's Dune, or Stephan Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle.)

The WINDOWS OF HEAVEN series has been released over the years as each new addition was completed,

but now Mr. Powderly is polishing the series as a whole for a finalized release through a new publisher.

In addendum to this James is working on covers to provide a new look for the series. As each one is completed

they will be included at this site.

To visit K.G. Powderly’s home site,  click one of the images above.

This is an illustration for book three, A BROKEN PARADISE, which depicts the building of the Ark in the technologically advanced dry dock basin of the patriarch A-Nu-Ahki. This will be released as a poster promoting the release of the new series.

  Click image to see the Ark construction page.

Wolfshield Development logos

James designed these logos for the website and letterhead needs of Wolfshield Development.

Wolfshield wanted a wolf/shield concept with a rusted Etruscan era feel as if the shield were just dredged up from the Mediterranean off the coast near Troy.

Eye Center Logos

                             CRIMSON MOON PRESS                                          

Bid the Gods Arise is Rob Mullin’s first novel for Crimson Moon Press. This cover is the result of a collaboration where James  incorporated elements of the story to meet Mr. Mullin’s expectations.

Award winning author JC Lamont is a literary apologist and scholar of Biblical criticism. Prophecy of the Heir is her debut novel available at And coming soon is her second in the series, Covenant of Blood.

                                        Robert Mullin                  

                                          MILT MARCY                                          

The Emperors Who Had No Clothes was written to demonstrate that evolution was expressly designed to eradicate Christianity, and therefore, should be opposed at all costs by those who call upon the name of Christ. 

Milt Marcy excellently traces the development of Evolutionary theory from its original founders, starting with James Hutton and Charles Lydell to Darwin, through  its later instigators, Thomas Huxley and John Dewey, establishing a new religion rooted into American education and ‘scientific’ culture.

                                        JC Lamont

Forsake Not The Gods is the second in the series for Robert Mullin. This novel is expected to be released by late 2015.