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Pencil drawing is the foundation of all painting. Until an artist can master the value of an image, its dark to light scale, he cannot transfer this understanding to color. Since pencil work is so much softer and for James, more intimate, these works are featured separately.  Some see pencil more as a preliminary step to a finished oil, yet there are others who feel  pencil  to be superior when conveying more thoughtful and quieter things because the viewer is able to fill in the suggestion of what he sees from his or her own mental inventory.

Phoenix                               1987

The Floating Door           1990

Girl in the Courtyard                                 1984    

The Harpist  1983

Girl on the Steps                                  1983

Wicker Chairs


The Severed Chord 1982

Breann 1983

Stone Boy                                              1986

Girl in the Chair              1988

Untitled                                            1988

The River           1982

Untitled                                                              1996