James Cline’s Biography Page

Kanion Rhodes Studio

James Cline is an artist residing

in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In the eighties he spent much of

his time drawing. Pencil has such

a personal quality more akin to

whispering whereas oil yells, and

served to evoke more personal

introverted pieces at that time.

In the nineties he transitioned

over to larger more extroverted

images in oil and became

interested in surrealist, impressionist  and cubist vernacular.

Though the visual languages change, they are just that, languages.

“The early art of cave painters depicted scenes from their daily lives as well as representations of the spirit world, the two of which were so intertwined as to be indistinguishable from each other. We imagine that we have developed beyond such simplistic world views but I think not. Theirs is less cluttered and more direct, perhaps less ‘sophisticated’ as we might tell ourselves, but at the root art functions the same.

Renaissance era paintings were very ordered and character centered works because they sprung from the belief that God is central and we/everything emanate from our Creator. Now our university genre of art is chaotic reflecting the non-directed belief in atheistic evolution.

We are still cave painters, only our caves are called galleries and ad design artists paint in pixels now.”

He believes art and religion are different expressions of the same thing. You can not look at a man’s art without seeing his God/god, no matter who he is or how he may resist it. Art is a heart of hearts issue. Who or what owns your heart makes all the difference in the universe.

Also on James’ creative plate are several feature film scripts in the offing. He says not all ideas for painting are static, some need to move for a couple hours and have a soundtrack.

So, please keep watching for new additions and remember, we are all just passing through here. Whatever beautiful narrative we orate now is meaningless if we arrive at an unwanted destination!